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Practical and magical silicone collection for the kids.

Behind the brand is Ditte, a Danish mother of two. 


The brand was founded in 2014 and has been in Ditte’s care since 2017. Ditte is an educated gardener and as she became a mother, her interest in sustainable children’s products grew. 


But nature is still a big part of her and the By Lille Vilde universe. Behind each product is a process originating in the nature around us. With the brand you will find a great focus on the care of our planet. Sustainability is embedded in the products in several ways through out the line. 


There isn’t any seasonal collection at By Lille Vilde. Multifunctionality, durability, biodegradability and sustainability is in every way the main focus. 


It is our mission By Lille Vilde to make it easier for the consumer to choose sustainability.


By Lille Vilde is everyday magic and with Ditte at the table since 2017, sustainability was added to the mantra. 

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