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Pieces of Everyday Magic for the kids.

Capsule accessories + Essentials.

Sustainable and Eco conscious.

Grech & Co. is built on the philosophy of Sustainability for our environment and for our Children's future.  For that reason, our collections are made with recycled, organic, and other environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. It is also our great hope to shift the ideals that lead to Consumerism and Overconsumption within our industry.

Signature collections in 9 signature colors :


To support our initiative, Grech & Co. signature collections feature our signature 9 color pallet.  Our aim is not only to offer a beautiful cohesive theme across collections, but also to reverse the mindset of seasonal devaluation by tying new collections with previous collections through the consistency of color. We like to consider our brand as "non-seasonal" in that our collections will not phase out just because a new season has fallen upon us. In doing so, all collections become integral and compliment each other holistically. The significance of each piece within each collection holds it's value - thus reversing the trend of devaluation, with hopes to ultimately reduce the consequences of over consumption.


It is therefore, we create our collections with purpose through seasonal friendly designs, colors, and staple pieces that offer protection from the elements while exploring the magic of the Seasons - in a sustainable style.

As our children and our world grow, so too do the needs of Mother Nature.  It is our mission to continue to adopt ethical practices that demonstrate our love for Humanity and Mother Earth.  It is also our vision to help spread this awareness amongst our children of the world.

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