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HOLMM. is a high-quality children’s clothing brand with the ambition to redefine luxury for the 21st century. Appreciating the quality and adaptability of the Holmm. collection for their children, we received numerous requests from mothers and retail outlets for women’s sizes too. Happily, we now also dress mothers in some of our signature cashmere knitwear. Designed with an informal approach to elegance, our goal is to merge craftsmanship with Scandinavian simplicity, to create high quality designs with lasting appeal that you will cherish forever.

The owner and creative director behind HOLMM. is Marie-Louise Fischer. Deeply rooted in her design DNA is a love for exquisite natural materials, high quality, comfort and craftsman- ship. The HOLMM. brand is the expression of her desire to create beautiful designs and classic styles.

Our garments are made in soft, natural materials, creating an infinite game of mix and match. HOLMM. allows children to be beautiful and playful, comfortable and stylish, allowing them to be in love and joyful wherever they are. Be it summer or winter, playtime or bedtime as the sun and moon cast their rays on the spirit of their childhood.

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