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Handmade eco friendly leather bags, produced in India and in Ethiopia in a small local workshop owned by two sisters.

The workshop provides a healthy and educational environment for the artisans and their salaries are 100% above the industry average.

By buying MicMic you contribute to the growth of the workshop and more fair jobs.

No chrome, formaldehyde and heavy metals used in the production.

MicMic is a new Danish brand that designs leather accessories with a strong focus on responsibility.
Designs include everything from crossover bags to wallets, backpacks, bumbags and much more.


Our eco-friendly leather is tanned without the use of chromium, heavy metals, formaldehyde, chlorinated paraffins, azo dyes and a variety of other chemicals.

The choice of leather and our styles are inspired by the raw Nordic nature; the biting cold beaches, the flat landscape and the tremendous forest trees on a winter afternoon. Furthermore, MicMic has been inspired by the leather traditions known for hundreds of years.
This combination has resulted in minimalistic, timeless designs – some with rustic touches –  that can be used by people of all ages, with all outfits and through all the European seasons without getting damaged.

MicMic is a conscious and responsible company, that puts great effort into taking social and environmental responsibility. 

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