Sustainable and non toxic natural artistic wooden toys for children and families.

Produced with care and the intention of blending the beauty and creativity of art with the power of play. 

MinMin Copenhagen is a fast-expanding business based in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark.

They create colorful products focusing on creativity and functionality for all family members. The products are imaginative designs produced with care, and they love to see the beauty of art come together with everyday fun and play.


The products are made of durable and sustainably sourced ash wood, hand painted with environment-friendly water-based paint, and glazed in natural wax. The minimal designs motivate children’s imagination to run free, with aesthetically pleasing designs that can be used as unique interior decor. MinMin Copenhagen are deeply inspired by abstract art and Scandinavian minimalism, as well as comforting and calming colours. 

MinMin Copenhagen's toys follow the open-ended play philosophy, inviting kids to play without rules for authentic self-expression. Through these experiences, children often learn best and develop their individual identities in the process. MinMin Copenhagen believe that the curiosity and imagination we cultivate during our childhood years can always remain in our hearts, years after the toys have been put away.

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