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OYOY ZOO is a sub brand to the Danish company OYOY Living Design A/S.

Welcome to our OYOY ZOO universe of curated designs for our furry friends.

The OYOY ZOO collection consists among other designs of dog beds, cushions, dog leashes, dog collars, dog bowls, and playful dog toys all designed to slip naturally into the interior of your home.


Beautiful print as grid, dots, and stripes recur from our other OYOY design lines and alluring color combinations add to a cozy atmosphere. Choice of material is represented by exclusive leather, stoneware, and all textiles are in recycled polyester granting a more sustainable design.


The OYOY ZOO universe encourages creativity and play and creates the perfect setting for all family members, including our furry friends, where new memories can be created.

Discover the whole OYOY LIVING DESIGN/OYOY ZOO collection here:

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