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Successful crawling is a big deal for a little baby.

If the baby gets frustrated about not being able to crawl when he/she is ready, he may find it difficult to cope with other challenges. It is therefore important to give the baby the right support to achieve success in the crawling phase. Crawling pants strengthen both motor skills and balance, and are a great help for the toddler during crawling.

The idea behind DÉT DENMARK came about in 2015, when we had a need for crawling pants for our oldest daughter. We had slippery floors throughout the house, so it was a big challenge for our baby to learn to crawl. Our daughter had the will and technique to crawl, but lacked the support of Anti-Slip Knee Print Crawl Pants to stay firmly on the floor. With a background in clothing design, and a desire to design crawling clothes that would make the crawling phase easier for babies, the DÉT DENMARK brand was created.

Ecology is an important factor for us.

We have taken great care to find the best organic materials for your little one, while creating a great fit, with room for lots of play and movement. We hope you will enjoy the clothes.

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