Combination of red and yellow VertiPlant



Sustainable vertical wall pot designs that gives you the freedom to create personal and green solutions in a practical and beautiful way.

Produced in Denmark from plant-based material using recycled energy. 

In the design the aim is to fulfill Dieter Rams ten principles of good design.

VertiPlants is a simple and smart wall jar with a

streamlined design, suitable for different purposes.

You can combine more VertiPlants in the same size, mix

the two sizes, combine them with our other building

blocks, or you can simply have one hanging by itself

for a simple look.

All VertiPlants wall jars are made in Denmark, which secures a high-quality product.

The new production will be made from a material called biopolymer consisting of 94% plant- and organic, biomass materials. This qualifies them to be a 4 out of

4-star sustainable product according to the European

Bio-based Certification Scheme (EN 16785-1).


Biopolymer is easy recycled and food approved making

it possible to store fruits and herbs.


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